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Teiid 7.4 Final Released

We are pleased to announce Teiid 7.4 is now available.  Highlights of 7.4 features: Virtual procedure out params - virtual procedures can now have RETURN/OUT/INOUT parameters to return values. OLAP - OLAP translator is now part of the Teiid kit using OLAP4J Multi-source procedures - multi-source handling was expanded to cover stored procedure execution. See the Reference for more. Function Support - additional system functions were made available. uuid was added to generate type 4 UUIDs and the Hibernate dialect was updated to support the GUIDGenerator. array_get was added to extract values from java.sql.Array or java array values. array_length was added to get the length of java.sql.Array or java array values. ARRAYTABLE - the ARRAYTABLE table function was added to simplify array value extraction into a tabular format. Ingres - Ingres database translator is now available to use as supported source under Teiid. Optional Join Enhancements - the optional join hi

Teiid 7.4 CR1

7.4 CR1 is now available. Notable features since beta3: Security Improvements - UDF and pushdown functions can now be protected with data roles. Also the CommandContext can provide the Subject for custom security checks in UDFs. Cache Invalidation - Prepared plan and result set caches have will invalidate entries based upon metadata and data changes respectively. See the cache configuration maxStaleness setting and the Admin and Developer Guides for more. Runtime-updates of Metadata - ALTER statements have been added to change view/procedure/INSTEAD OF trigger (update procedure) definitions. A CREATE TRIGGER statement is also available to add an INSTEAD OF trigger (update procedures) to views. System procedures were added to set extension metadata and stat values. By default all effects of metadata updates happen only on running vdbs across the cluster. To make the changes persistent see the Developers Guide Runtime Updates section. The pg ODBC layer has also been furth