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Teiid 8.13.3 Released

Teiid 8.13.3 is now  available .  In total 8.13.3 addresses 10 issues since 8.13.2: [ TEIID-4028 ] - adding salesforce-34 resource adapter does not work through the cli [ TEIID-4066 ] - Odata translator ClassNotFoundException: [ TEIID-4070 ] - Issues with resource adapters with api modules in wildfly [ TEIID-4089 ] - Teiid JDBC driver does not reset the update count when calling getMoreResults(int) [ TEIID-4093 ] - OData authentication fails with NPE when gss-pattern related properties are included in VDB [ TEIID-4096 ] - AssertionError with independent side of a dependent join that has an ordered limit [ TEIID-3050 ] - allow for more incremental insert with iterator [ TEIID-4075 ] - Netezza translator to support common table expressions [ TEIID-4098 ] - Always preserve columns order in google spreadsheets models [ TEIID-4046 ] - OData - $skip is beeing ignor

Teiid 9.0 Alpha2 Released

We are making progress with 9.0 with the release of Alpha2 .  The main features in Alpha2 since Alpha1: TEIID-2476 Data role metadata filtering to omit non-accessible objects from system tables. TEIID-4076 Improved autoCommitTxn detect to prevent unnecessary transactions. The web console should be in better shape than with the Alpha1 release.   Once again there was also a substantial amount of fixes already picked up from 8.12.x and 8.13.x including a lot of refinements to the OData4 production logic.  So far 125 issues have been addressed - Expect 8.13.3 within the next week, which will pickup the web console changes and other fixes since 8.13.2.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you find any issues with 8.13 so that we get the fixes into 8.13.3. As a reminder the new GitBook documentation home for 9.0 and later is at: Steve

Teiid 8.13.2 Released

Teiid 8.13.2 is now  available .  Note TEIID-4017 is an important security fix.  It is recommended that anyone running 8.12.x or 8.13.x upgrade to 8.13.2.  In total 8.13.2 addresses 27 issues since 8.13.1: [ TEIID-3872 ] - Error with odata entity create with generated keys [ TEIID-3975 ] - 8.13+ Teiid Client should work on JRE 1.6 [ TEIID-3978 ] - Remove AddressWrapper [ TEIID-3979 ] - Teiid generates queries containing VARCHAR without a size, causing an HSQL syntax error [ TEIID-3980 ] - NPE with Salesforce retrieve query and no matching entity [ TEIID-3981 ] - Salesforce-34 connector dependency on "com.force.api" is wrong [ TEIID-3983 ] - External Materialization MATVIEW_ONERROR_ACTION WAIT problem [ TEIID-3989 ] - PartialResultsWarning not being returned [ TEIID-3990 ] - Issues with nested correlated references [ TEIID-3993 ] - Teiid: indexOutOfBoundsException on union + count dis