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Teiid 8.3.0.Final Released

It took us little more than 12 weeks from 8.2 Final, however Teiid 8.3.0.Final is released with many many exciting features. The features we really excited about are OData Support - Teiid can now either consume from a OData source or produce results using OData protocol. See related blogs on this topic. JSON Support - Similar to how user can use SQLXML and define results in XML, Teiid is introducing JSON  language constructs, such that you can produce results in JSON. Now you can generate that Rest web service that returns JSON!!! Source Temp Tables - create a temporary tables on sources, and generate plans that are efficient in pushing down more work towards the sources. Many more.. See below for full list Teiid 8.3 is still based on JBoss AS 7.1.1   The JBoss folks have decided not to release any community releases off of AS 7.x branches, however they recently announced   that EAP 6.1-alpha1 (a productised version of JBoss AS that RedHat offers subscription) is releas