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Teiid 9.3 Alpha2 Released

Teiid 9.3 Alpha2 has been released .  Feature highlights since Alpha1 include: TEIID-4557 TEIID-2465 Memory restrictions at the operation and session level. Feature Progress: Couchbase connectivity is still progressing under TEIID-2820 JDG integration continues to get easier - but some major changes are coming, including move the JDG connectivity to its own repository TEIID-4820 Beyond the feature work, there were a lot general issues addressed - nearly 70 issues have been resolved so far. Other news: A Teiid 9.2.2 will be available in the next 1-2 weeks. JIRA issue cleanup has been ongoing.  There's quite a few backlog issues that should still be dealt with. Teiid 10.0 work will begin by the end of April.  It is anticipated there will be major changes and cleanups for that release. Thanks, Steve

Teiid 9.2.1 Released

Teiid 9.2.1 is now available .  This fix release covers 18 issues: [ TEIID-4765 ] - The notion of resolving order may need to be extended beyond a schema [ TEIID-4788 ] - DDL vdb is expensive to process [ TEIID-4809 ] - lob performance issues [ TEIID-4770 ] - The convert script generates empty GRANT statements for roles that don't have permission to access a certain schema. [ TEIID-4771 ] - The convert script generates GRANT TEMPORARY_TABLE ON DATABASE statements but these fail. [ TEIID-4774 ] - Convert VDB utility does not work when translator overrides are present [ TEIID-4776 ] - Issues with array type metadata [ TEIID-4783 ] - missing message keys for functions [ TEIID-4785 ] - Add options through alter table in DDL does not work. [ TEIID-4791 ] - Bypass lookup function's keycolumn reserved word [ TEIID-4797 ] - Oracle: empty catalog messed up VDB schemas name [ TEIID-4807

Teiid 9.3 Alpha1 Released

Teiid 9.3 Alpha1 has been released .  Feature highlights include: TEIID-3624 CREATE DOMAIN support for user defined simple types. TEIID-4724 DDL .vdb deployment. Feature Progress: Couchbase connectivity is progressing under TEIID-2820 The full DDL metadata system feature continues to evolve.  Several early issues have been addressed that slightly change the syntax and order or statements that supported.  This will all be reflected in the docs.  The hope is that the feature will be fully realized by the end of the 9.3 release. The  Debezium  integration work continues as Ramesh has contributed changes to their community. JDG integration continues to get easier and support for JDG 7.1 will be added. We will try to stay to a two week pre-release cycle from this point.  Also expect a 9.2.1 early next week. Thanks, Steve