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Teiid Spring Boot 1.5.0 Released

I am excited to announce that Teiid Spring Boot version 1.5.0 released today to the maven repository based on Teiid 14.0.0 release. If you have not used Teiid Spring Boot before, it is built on top Teiid Core libraries with developer simplification in mind. It simplifies the deployment model to a single VDB and provides you with executable binary rather than Server like WildFly where you need to deploy your VDBs. The release highlights are * Cassandra Data Source support * Materialization automation * Spring Boot version to 2.2.6 * Keystore/Truststore simplifications that work across the system * SOAP Data Source support * FTP Database Support * A Lot of changes to detect data sources based on their inclusion as dependencies and consistent naming schemes across both Teiid and Teiid Spring Boot. For a full list see this Take look at the various examples in Teiid Spring Boot and take it for test drive let me know if there are any issues or improvements you see. Ramesh