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Teiid 8.12 Beta1

Teiid 8.12 Beta1 has been released .  The feature highlight since Alpha2 is TEIID-3595/TEIID-3594 which were logging enhancements for command and audit logging - more granularity of the levels and more security events. There have also been several HBase/Phoenix fixes and a variety of other fixes.  Expect another Beta release in about 2 weeks. Thanks again for the community support and let us know if you find anything with the pre-release. Steve

VDB Builder - Update Available

VDB Builder Update The Teiid Designer team has released the next milestone kit for  VDB Builder.   The VDB Builder is a command line tool that allows creating, editing and managing dynamic VDBs and their contents. The command line interface (CLI) is a result of our on-going Komodo initiative to develop an extensible VDB editing framework. What's New? In this milestone, we have added the ability to import and export Teiid DDL.  This means that you can create model content using a saved DDL file, and you can also export your model content into a DDL file.  In addition, we have updated our launch scripts and made numerous fixes and enhancements. Try It Out You can start building your VDBs now by downloading and unzipping the milestone kit from SourceForge ! Summary Installation   Import and Export VDBs and DDL You can view and checkout the source code here: Contributions and feedback are welcome! Teiid Designer Project