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Teiid 8.2 Final Released

Continuing our time boxed release schedule Teiid team is excited to announce availability of Teiid 8.2.Final . In total there were 120 issues resolved - including 15 new features and over 50 bug fixes. See all the issues on Teiid's JIRA . This release coincides with the first release of the Teiid Console for Teiid 8.x.  The Teiid Console is a web based administrative tool for configuration and monitoring and is also available from the downloads area. A big thanks to Heiko Braun for his support in developing this. The Teiid Designer team is making great progress towards the Teiid Designer 8.0 which works with Teiid 8.2.Final. For early releases please see the Designer Downloads . Teiid 8.2 is still based on JBoss AS 7.1.1   The JBoss AS 7.2 release is still TDB sometime after the rename process. You can help by voting for new name .   Here are the feature highlights: TEIID-1923 Teiid Console - A web based administrative console for Teiid. TEI

Introducing Teiid Admin Web Console - 1.0.CR1

Teiid team is very exited to introduce a new GWT based administrative console for Teiid starting with version 8.2.x If you are already using slick JBoss AS7 web console, then you already know how good, quick and snappier it is to configure and manage JBoss AS7. Now, you can use the same console to configure and manage Teiid. This new console is an extension to the JBoss AS7 console, written using GWT based technology and uses AS7 DMR underneath for remote communication with Teiid Subsystem on JBoss AS7. The code for Teiid Admin Web Console is  hosted at You can find some documentation at With the new console you can Configure  Teiid Deploy VDBs Check the status of the VDB Check deployment errors of the VDB View models in a VDB and check their properties and and any error associated with them Check data roles, manage role assignments Check current sessions

Teiid 8.2 CR1 Posted And More

We're closing in on our next release with Teiid 8.2 CR1 now available for deployment on AS7 7.1.1-Final . New features include:  TEIID-2269 Vault Support - The transport's keystore and truststore passwords are now supported through vault based passwords. TEIID-1064 Google Spreadsheet Support - there is now support for querying Google Spreadsheets via Teiid. See the Reference and Admin Guides for more. TEIID-1241 WSDL backed WS Translator - a web services data source can be configured to access a single server and point based upon a specific WSDL. In total we have addressed over 100 issues (which is now common for a point release). Please ensure that all of your issues have been addressed satisfactorily as we likely release a CR2 before proceeding to final.   The new Google spreadsheet support, which was an excellent contribution from Red Hatter's Filip Nguyen and Filip Elias, will hopefully be broadened into other Google services over time. We're