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Teiid 8.1 Beta1

Teiid 8.1 Beta1 is now available for deployment on AS7 7.1.1-Final . New features include:  VDB Reuse a vdb.xml can now declare imported vdbs to reuse metadata.  See the Reference for more. Comparable Object - the system property org.teiid.comparableObject can be set to use OBJECT values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations. It is expected that the object values correctly implement Comparable.compareTo. Admin Metadata - you can now retrieve metadata in DDL from the admin api via the getSchema method. Improved VDB loading - vdb loading logic was refined to make administration easier. ExecutionFactory now has is/setSourceRequiredForMetadata() to indicate whether a source connection is needed for the getMetadata call. VDB reuse is a powerful feature that enables a lighter-weight approach to sharing schema/models across VDBs.  Design time support will come in a future Designer release. Overall issue fixing has been brisk with 69 issues addressed so far.