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Kerberos Authentication to Oracle from Teiid

In this article I will show step by step instructions on how to configure WildFly server running Teiid to participate in Kerberos login into Oracle database. This article also shows how the kerberos ticket is used for credential delegation to Oracle and also using Teiid OData Rest Web Service. See for full details.

Teiid 9.2 Alpha1 Released

Teiid 9.2 Alpha1 has been released .  Feature highlights so far: TEIID-4284 Salesforce Bulk API for SELECT queries. TEIID-4556 TEIID-4545 TEIID-4515 Phoenix/Hbase Translator now supports joins , more system functions/pushdown functions, and offset In progress features: Also using Teiid as a Postgres/Postgis source for qgis is nearly complete. The build has been revamped  to support our integration with WildFly Swarm .  Swarm provides a powerful new mechanism for embedding Teiid with the full power of the application server.  See an example/description at It's not in this alpha, but a lot of work has been completed toward a more complete DDL metadata system .  Please follow this and other issues if you are interested in contributing. We'll continue to shoot for a pre-release about every two weeks and still expect the final release in about 3 months. Thanks, Steve