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Teiid 8.5 CR1

Teiid 8.5 CR1 for EAP 6.1.Alpha is now available in our downloads .  As we are closing in on the release there is only one new feature to highlight since Beta2: TEIID-2584 Materialization management - added management routines for external materialized views including scheduled refresh via extension metadata properties. In total now there have been nearly 100 issues addressed for the release.  Anything that you can help spot before the final release will be greatly appriciated.  We'll be starting work shortly on the 8.6 release - again targeting a three month release window.  Please vote for and log issues that you believe should be included in the next release. Thanks, Steve

Teiid Designer 8.2 Final available

Release 8.2.Final is now available! This release includes a number of bug fixes as well as enhancements to our integration with JBoss AS server framework.  8.2 now supports multiple versions of the Teiid runtime including 7.7.x, 8.3.x and 8.4.x. Check out our What's New page for more details and some screen shots. You can install via an Eclipse-based zip archive or install it via our release update site . Teiid Designer Project Team

Teiid 8.5 Beta2

Teiid 8.5 Beta2 for EAP 6.1.Alpha is now available in our downloads .  Feature highlights since Beta1 include: TEIID-2614 Anonymous procedure blocks - anonymous procedure blocks may be used as statements. See the Reference for more.   TEIID-247 Expanded array support - added parsing, JDBC and other support for arrays. See the Reference for more. Note that this support should be considered a tech preview and will be expanded/refined over subsequent releases. Given that array support is an evolving feature if you have any interest in its please provide as much early feedback as possible. Also issues are starting to be moved into the 8.6 release target.  If you have anything pressing, please log/vote for it so that it can be prioritized appropriately. Steve

Teiid 8.5 Beta1 Posted

Teiid 8.5 Beta1 for EAP 6.1.Alpha is now available in our downloads .  Feature highlights since Alpha1 include: TEIID-2571 Broader Must Pushdown - must pushdown functions tied to a particular model that supports selects without from can now be called without at any time. TEIID-2572 Function native-query - source functions for most translators now support the native-query extension metadata property to specify alternative syntax. TEIID-2067 Global temporary tables - may now be declared that are backed by Teiid session specific instance tables. See the Reference for more. TEIID-2443 Simple aggregate rollup - added support for a single ROLLUP grouping element to produce multiple levels of aggregation. See the Reference for more.  We're still on track for the September release so any remaining feature work will be narrow in scope - and any early feedback will help ensure a quality release.  On that note thanks to community member Marco Ardito ODBC access has also bee