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Docker and Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization (Teiid)

Seems like every one is looking into Docker now a days and JBoss Data Virtualization is no exception. Take look at the following article and see how you can stand up JDV Docker image for your distribution or testing Note: JBoss Data Virtualization (JDV) is product version Teiid that Redhat sells subscription to. Now, to a bigger question I would like to engage community is 1) is there any interest in bring this to Teiid community? 2) What configurations? 3) How do you intend to use it? 4) Would you like us to build image every time we do a Teiid release and update the repository along with Teiid download section? Some other ideas with docker 1) What would be really great is somebody help us with building quick start examples with Docker images, then we can reduce the barrier of using data virtulaization technology. 2) Build Docker images so that one deploy multiple instances of it then t

Teiid 8.8 Alpha1 Posted

8.8 Alpha1 is now available from the downloads and maven.  Feature highlights include: TEIID-2647 Translator for Cloudera's Impala data warehouse has been added. See the reference for more. TEIID-2902 More incremental joins where the whole dataset does not need fully sorted or even read. Ramesh has added command and audit logging to a variety of database targets through JPA - see TEIID-2938 and Logging for more. Generally this will be a fix and enhancement focused release, but there still is time to propose additional feature work. Thanks again for all the community support, Steve