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Cisco enters Data Virtualization Space

In case you haven't heard, networking  giant CISCO systems on Thursday June 20th, 2013 announced that it is buying Composite Software for $180 Million This acquisition highlights the growing interest in the Data  Virtualization market by customers that vendors are trying to fill. The phrase Enterprise Information Integration ( EII ) was first introduced by MetaMatrix (which is predecessor for Teiid ) back in 2000 and was first entrant into the market. Composite Software soon joined ranks of EII vendors and quickly established itself as a fierce competitor. MetaMatrix was acquired by Red Hat in 2007.  Red Hat initiated the process to open source the MetaMatrix software as it does with all acquired code that's not yet open. The Teiid community project was born out of these effort in January 2009.  On the path to open source, we took the opportunity to step back, re-evaluate and

Planning to Migrate Your Relational database to MongoDB?

Are you planning on migrating your relational database data in Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL etc., into MongoDB for scalability and performance reasons? Or you want to use MongoDB for your new project, but not do not want to spend too much time learning MongoDB APIs? However, you are a seasoned SQL developer? Or you have data in databases, CSV files and other applications that you need to integrate together and store in MongoDB and do further analysis? If "Yes", please keep reading... If you have previously attempted at migration of data yourself, I am sure you may have come across these below links before.

Teiid 8.4.Final Released, MongoDB support added

In keeping with our 3 month release window we are proud to announce our next time boxed release - Teiid 8.4.Final . Here are top three (3) features: The deployment platform is upgraded to EAP 6.1 Alpha . You can also use  EAP 6.1 Final , but you need a developer subscription from Redhat. For the difference between community and subscription version see . If you have concerns about switching from JBoss AS 7.1.1 to EAP please read Pluggable row and column based security. Read more about it: Support for MongoDB . Use Teiid and its SQL language to access the data from MongoDB. This release includes a new MongoDB translator and resource adapter. Read more about it: .  More blogs coming on this soon. Here is complete run down of features in

Expose Excel Data as OData feed using Teiid

For that matter you can expose any data source that is supported by Teiid through its translators as OData service. You can convert Relational databases XML, JSON, CSV files Web Services  Sales Force Excel documents sources, or write your on top of your specific source. Teiid added support for exposing its virtual database (VDB) as OData service without any additional work. Create a virtual database with your required sources and create any additional views and deploy in the the JBoss EAP 6.1 server, that has Teiid 8.3 or greater installed.  See  for more information. So, lets build a simple example of exposing the Excel Sheet. Teiid accesses Excel sheets via JDBC-ODBC bridge, and Windows OS provides a ODBC driver for Excel documents.  Edit the standalone-teiid.xml, and create Connection Factory jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};Dbq=c:\ODBC\ExcelData.xls odbc