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Teiid Designer 8.4 Beta1 available

Work on Teiid Designer 8.4 release is nearing completion. Get the latest milestone, 8.4 Beta1 via via our update site or download the archive. The primary driver for this release is to upgrade the Teiid client compatibility to include Teiid 8.6 release. Check out our What's New for 8.4 article for details on some of the new features and improvements. Barry LaFond Teiid Designer Team

Teiid 8.7 Beta1

After a minor weather delay, we're back on track with 8.7 pre-releases with Beta 1 .  Feature highlights since Alpha1 include: TEIID-2809 Pattern based system property substitution has been added to VDB.XML files. Only supported if the DVB is being deployed JBoss EAP. TEIID-2844 Remove unauthorized columns from SELECT * can be enabled via the session property ignore_unauthorized_asterisk. See the Reference for more. The pace of community issues has been good, so we're up to 55 issues addressed to date.  At this point we should miss the mid-March release date slightly, but we may need to lengthen the cycle for feature work.  That means the release will be out any time between the end of March to the beginning of May.  Should it be needed, we'll work toward an 8.6 cumulative patch for those who wish to stay on a release version.    Thanks, Steve

Teiid Designer 8.4 Alpha1 available

Work on Teiid Designer 8.4 release is progressing nicely and the first development release, 8.4 Alpha1 is available via update site . The primary driver for this release is to upgrade the Teiid client compatibility to include Teiid 8.6 release.  This includes UI support for: Added a native type property to procedure OUT parameters - TEIIDDES-1863 Ability to define a virtual table as global temporary table - TEIIDDES-1794 In addition, we're include a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements to importers as well as improvements to VDB validation. Barry LaFond Teiid Designer Team

JBoss Data Virtualization v6 GA Released

Have you been waiting for productized version Teiid 8.x? Then your wait is over, see below for announcement from Redhat. Redhat is excited to announce the general availability and launch of JBoss Data Virtualization v6. Effective data utilization is top priority on every IT and business executive agenda: Data volume, velocity and variety is growing exponentially. Most of your customers are drowning in data and struggling to gain actionable information. Its time to show them how to build efficient data supply chain instead of data warehouse to gain competitive advantage. Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization, enables organizations to deliver timely, actionable, and unified information through lean integration of data spread over multiple applications and technology silos including Hadoop and traditional data warehouses. Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization enables agile data utilization in 3 easy steps: Connect: Access data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources. Compose: Easily