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Teiid 8.8 Beta2

Teiid 8.8 Beta2 is now available from the downloads .  Features since Beta1 include: TEIID-2980 XMLTable Array Support - XMLTABLE may now return arrays for sequence values. TEIID-1675 Updatable LDAP multi-valued attributes - using an array type mapping, LDAP multi-valued attributes can be inserted/updated. Over 70 issues have now been addressed in the release so we are expecting a high quality result by mid-July. Please provide feedback as early as possible so that the changes make it into the CR build. Thanks again for all the feedback and forum questions. A general infrastructure issue that we are seeing is that there seem to be periods of time when we are not getting forum notifications. We do ordinarily strive to respond as quickly as possible. Thanks, Steve

Teiid Designer 8.5 Final Released

Teiid Designer 8.5 Final is now available our update site or download the archive. The primary drivers for this release were: Replace multiple Teiid client plugins with single plugin greatly improves ability to support future Teiid runtimes Upgrade Teiid runtime compatibility to version 8.7 Expose Translator import properties within Teiid Connection importer Support for dynamic extension metadata (custom translators) VDB Editor layout improvements Make System functions available for use at design-time Check out our What's New for 8.5 article for details... Barry LaFond Teiid Designer Team

Teiid 8.8 Beta1

Teiid 8.8 Beta1 has just been posted to the downloads .  Notable features since alpha1 include: TEIID-2263 More control over MAKE (NOT) DEP hints via syntax that allows for traversing views.  See the reference for more. TEIID-2263 Common Table (WITH) planning improvements such that the usage of a WITH clause in a view or inline view no longer inhibits planning as part of the larger query. There has also been quite a bit of general issues addressed (including several with MongoDB), so this should be a fairly stable pre-release.  We have also seen that the Resteasy patch is now also required for SOAP WS translator/resource adapter operations, so please apply the patch proactively. Thanks again for all the feedback.  Be sure to let us know of any issues as there is still plenty of time to get them addressed before the final release. Thanks, Steve