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Dynamic VDBs Are Back With A Punch!!!

You did not think we removed this feature from Teiid forever did you? In earlier releases of Teiid 8.0 cycles, Dynamic VDBs were not supported due to lack of non-archive file based deployment support from the JBoss AS 7. Now that  JBoss AS 7.1.0-Final has been released they added much needed feature to enable the Dynamic VDBs. With that we are announcing the first release of Teiid that is based on JBoss AS 7.1.0-Final . Teiid 8.0.Beta1 is released today. Teiid 8.0.Final will also be based upon same version of JBoss AS. This release brings back Dynamic VDB feature, but that is not the big news. Now you can define virtual tables, procedures and functions as you did in Teiid Designer based VDB are now can be defined in the Dynamic VDBs using DDL with out Teiid Designer. Yes, using DDL! This can lead design of Virtual Databases that are more dynamic in nature that can be changed programatically. Without any more non-sense here is quick example. The below example is extension of the e