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Teiid Designer 6.3 Available

Due to Eclipse packaging and project version dependencies, Teiid Designer 6.2 was not compatible with Eclipse 3.5 . This required updating to newer versions of Eclipse EMF and UML2 projects which resulted in some minor code changes. So this 6.3 release keeps Teiid Designer in sync with Eclipse. Note that the embedded version of Teiid remained the same within Designer, namely Teiid 6.2. Visit our download page for more details. Next our team will focus on a Teiid Designer 7.0 release which will provide tooling changes required to keep pace with Teiid 7.0 release. Barry LaFond Teiid Designer Project

JCA Container Integration, Why Teiid needs it? - Part 1

A huge architectural change for the Teiid runtime is upcoming up in Teiid 7.0 release. Teiid is being integrated into a JCA container - JBossAS 5.1.0 GA . In this new platform you can expect all the data integration features of Teiid with power and flexibility of JBossAS . If you are thinking, Teiid is a relational data integration engine what does it has to do with a JEE container? This has little do with Web technologies. It is all about JCA ( Java Connector Architecture ) and the advanced development features of JBossAS . Let me explain each reason in a multi-part series of articles. Reason 1: Right ingredients. Integrate with modules designed by the domain experts. Even though Teiid is a data integration engine, the inner runtime workings of Teiid apart from the command parsing, relational planner and optimization engine are much more similar to any enterprise server application. Like security, user management, resource management, log management, caching, availability, scalabi