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Teiid 8.11 Beta2 Avaliable

Teiid 8.11 Beta2 is now available from the  downloads  and maven.  The main feature highlight of this release since Beta1 is  TEIID-3371 which puts us on  EAP 6.4  Alpha as the target platform. Also more buffer manager configuration has been exposed for embedded and there are now examples showing integration with IronJacamar/Naryana.  We'll be looking into rounding out the examples and Teiid embedded in general to make it's usage as straight-forward as possible in the coming releases.  For 8.11 we've addressed nearly 80 issues so far and will start to narrow in on the final release - which should be on track for a little over 3 weeks from now. Thanks again for all of the community efforts. Steve