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Teiid 8.13 Beta1 with WildFly 9.0.2 Available

The next revision Beta1 of Teiid 8.13 with  WildFly  is now released. The target version of WildFly we choose is 9.0.2.Final, which is latest stable release by the WildFly team. You can download it from The issues described about sockets, clustering in previous release are now fixed. Support for Web-Console is added back in this release. The navigation of Web-Console has changed a lot, so please take a look and give us feedback. In the next revision we will be removing "embedded" kit, and will be updating the corresponding examples soon.  We expect to have release a candidate release before the holiday break and hopefully final following soon after that. This Beta1 version is be good version for start testing you usecase and letting us know about any issues you encounter, we can try fix them before final release. Thank you. Ramesh..

Teiid 8.12.3 Released

Teiid 8.12.3 has been  released .  Issues addressed include: [ TEIID-3814 ] - Rest Web Service URL for VDB [ TEIID-3823 ] - Issues with fetchsize and local connections [ TEIID-3827 ] - multi-source view insert throwing TEIID30492 error [ TEIID-3840 ] - teiid-outh-util.bat - typo in name [ TEIID-3841 ] - sap-nw-gateway translator wrongly encodes when a parameter includes a space [ TEIID-3845 ] - select count(*) query not working on SimpleDB connector in Teiid [ TEIID-3846 ] - Wrong alias rewriting in subqueries [ TEIID-3847 ] - HiveTranslator should not use a Calendar for the Hive getDate [ TEIID-3848 ] - Issue with hive literal timestamps [ TEIID-3850 ] - Source caching with the cache directive can be at the wrong scope [ TEIID-3851 ] - foreign temp additional extension properties not accessible in QMI [ TEIID-3854 ] - Impala translator - ORDER BY clause using incorrect columns

Teiid 8.13 Alpha1 with WildFly 9.0.1 Available

Teiid team is proud to announce the first ever version of Teiid with WildFly . The target version of WildFly we choose is 9.0.1.Final. You can download the its from Most of the functionality  is available,  but following are the areas we are still working on - Domain mode - Web-console - Socket performance issue We hope to fix these by Beta 1 version, hopefully in next 3 weeks. I encourage you to download and play with it and let us know if you see any issues. Thank you. Ramesh..