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Teiid 8.6.Final Released

In time for holidays, Teiid team is very happy to announce the final version Teiid 8.6 is out and available for download . 8.6 has been mainly a bug fix release - with over 80 issues addressed. Main features in this release include: TEIID-2424 OSGI Bundles - Teiid jars are now built also as OSGI bundles. A starter Karaf osgi container features.xml file is available in maven repository with the build TEIID-1311 Cassandra Connectivity - is now offered through a community contribution by Radek Koubsk√Ĺ of a resource adapter and translator pair. See the reference and admin guides for more. TEIID-2309 Conformed tables - a feature to improve planning when identical tables exist in multiple sources. TEIID-2685 SAP Netweaver - enhanced the OData translator for use with Netweaver. Direct Query Procedure Support TEIID-2740 - MongoDB TEIID-2734 - Cassandra As always, lots of great community feedback went into this release from the forums and with issues from Ma

Teiid Designer 8.3 Final Released

Teiid Designe 8.3 Final is now available. This release reflects a lot of work bug fixing and maturing Teiid Designer's integration with JBoss Tools AS server framework as well as continuing to add functionality that supports more of Teiid translator capabilities and VDB features. In particular... New LDAP importer that allows creating a connection profile to connect to your LDAP service and import a relational representation of your data. Model extensions to allow setting relational properties specific to MongoDB entities. Added ability to set custom properties for importing relational metadata through your deployed data sources. Added option for Flat File importer to specify a remote URL in addition to importing local flat files. Install it now and exercise it's new functionality. Download Update Site Teiid Designer Project Team

Teiid 8.6 CR1 Posted

8.6 CR1 to has been posted to the downloads . Remote JDG 6 support has been added via a new resource adapter.  There have been 75 issues addressed in total.  Any feedback on your issues or general testing is appreciated and if done soon would still be in time for the final release. 8.7 development has also started and we are excited to pick up another community contribution.  Radim Hopp has contributed an Amazon SimpleDB translator/resource adapter that furthers our integration abilities - more on this in the 8.7 posts. Thanks, Steve