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Teiid Licensing

Teiid has been under the LGPLv2.1 since its initial open sourcing effort.  Current trends for JBoss projects are toward more permissive licensing.  Many JBoss projects have already moved to the ASL (Apache Software License), and there is interest in having Teiid follow suit.  We'll track this effort under . If you have been a contributor we'll be reaching out to you regarding this proposal - or even better go ahead and leave your thoughts on the issue. Thanks, Steve

Teiid 9.1 Beta2 Released

Teiid 9.1 Beta2 has been posted .  Notable features since Beta1: TEIID-4421 Embedded Translator Refinements to allow for functioning that is similar to the server. There have been about 140 total issues addressed so far in 9.1 and there is on-going work to support full DDL definition of VDBs - but that may be delayed to 9.2 if needed. We should be on track for a final release around the second week of October. Thanks again for all the community support, Steve

Teiid 9.0.4 Released

The 9.0.4 fix release is now  available .  It addresses 13 issues since 9.0.3: [ TEIID-4263 ] - StringToTimestamp in convert fails during DST transition hour [ TEIID-4402 ] - Insert statement with a date field fails [ TEIID-4405 ] - delete using in statement does not remove records from temporary table [ TEIID-4406 ] - group by cast(... as date) results in NullPointException [ TEIID-4407 ] - Salesforce delete/update without a predicate does nothing [ TEIID-4410 ] - ConnectorWorkItem setting of convertIn should be based upon the execution factory [ TEIID-4417 ] - Issues with OData query generation logic [ TEIID-4424 ] - Error when factory overrides initCapabilities due WrappedConnection is what Teiid is passing [ TEIID-4434 ] - Results returned by google spreadhseet may have columns missing labels, preventing the VDB to load [ TEIID-4435 ] - HIVE: decimal datatype is treated like a string [ TEII