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Teiid 9.1 Beta1 Released

After a small delay Teiid 9.1 Beta1 has been posted .  Notable features since Alpha2: TEIID-4332 Improved NDV calculations for costing. TEIID-4284 Salesforce Bulk API for SELECT queries. TEIID-4378 TEIID-4376 Clob enhancements to support concat and use in EXECUTE IMMEDIATE. TEIID-4100 OData expand support for siblings and nested expands. TEIID-4393 Additional Geospatial Functions to more fully support the SQL-MM specification. As always thanks for all the community support including the Impala analytical function support contributed by Don Krapohl. Steve

Teiid 9.0.3 Released

The 9.0.3 fix release is now  available .  It addresses 9 issues since 9.0.2: [ TEIID-4343 ] - Impala Translator - With Clause Support [ TEIID-4354 ] - patch to CXF no longer needed with new version of the CXF in 9.0 series. [ TEIID-4360 ] - default token type needs to be "bearer" for OAuth2 access code negotiation [ TEIID-4372 ] - Impala AVG returns double when bigdecimal is expected [ TEIID-4384 ] - Issue with ordered offset [ TEIID-4385 ] - Nested subquery in an aggregate fails to evaluate [ TEIID-4389 ] - Local connection waits for active VDB 1,000,000 times longer than specified in waitForLoad property [ TEIID-4391 ] - NONDETERMINISTIC functions incorrectly optimized out of ORDER BY [ TEIID-4395 ] - Oracle translator should pushdown clob conversion A special thanks to Marco Adrito for discovering and working through TEIID-4354 and TEIID-4360. Looking forward 9.1 Beta1 should be availab

Teiid Designer 10.1 released to support Teiid 9.0 and Wildfly

Teiid Designer 10.1 is our first release that supports Teiid 9.0 and the Wildfly runtime environments. This release also includes a couple dozen bug fixes (see Release Notes ) and enhancements.  Of note are: support for Teiid 9.0 VDB versioning (i.e. major.minor.patch values) multi-character delimiter option in flat file importer  Try it out!  Download and install.... Teiid Tooling Project Team