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Teiid 8.5 Alpha1 Available

Teiid 8.5 Alpha1 for EAP 6.1.Alpha (which is basically the same as AS 7.2) is now available in our downloads .  The feature highlights are: TEIID-2528 Encrypted Buffer Files - the buffer manager now supports an option to encrypt Teiid temp data files using 128-bit AES. TEIID-2249 TEIID-2559 TEIID-2555 Dependent Join Enhancements - greater control over full depdendent join pushdown has been added including make dep hint options max and min to control the extent of depdendent join pushdown. The join hint is also available to pushdown the entire dependent join when supported by the source. TEIID-2527 Configurable Runtime Multisource - the server will now allow multisource models to have sources added and removed at runtime. See the admin addSource and removeSource methods. It is still early in the release cycle, so there will be more refinements, documentation, and enhancements for dependent joins coming.    And of course there is still plenty of time to log enhancement reque