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8.7 CR1 Posted

8.7 CR1 has been posted to the downloads .  Since Beta2 this release includes features such as: TEIID-2859 TEXTTABLE FOR ORDINALITY a FOR ORDINALITY column can now be used with TEXTTABLE. See the Reference for more. TEIID-965 Apache POI based Excel connectivity has been added. See the Reference for more. TEIID-2888 Designer VDB support in Embedded is now available. With a few caveats, Designer .INDEX based vdbs can now be used with Teiid Embedded. See the Embedded Guide for more.  There is also a new framework for translator to supply importer and extension metadata for better integration with Designer.  This will likely evolve slightly before the final release.  Also there is a small KI with this release affecting custom delegating translators.  If you experience an issue with a custom delegating translator, please follow master or wait for CR2. In total we are closing in on 100 issues for this release and anticipate a release date around 4/16.  Thanks for all of

Read Microsoft Excel Document As Relational Table Using Teiid

If you are thinking, who in this age of big data with Hadoop, MongoDB one still bothers to fiddle around with Excel? In reality there are still lot of corporate users out there, do their analytics and reporting using Excel. So, this is still is very important source of data. From very early versions of Teiid, Teiid supported consuming the data from Microsoft Excel documents, however it always relied upon the "Excel" ODBC driver that came built in Windows platforms. Teiid then used "jdbc-odbc" bridge driver provided by Oracle's JDK to read the data in. Although this solution worked most of the time, it was very tedious and sprinkled with issues and limited the access to Windows platform. In latest version of Teiid 8.7 , a new translator is introduced which is based Apache POI framework, which gives platform independent way to read Excel documents. This is worked out to be much more simple and also gave a way define the metadata for the data in Excel D

Making business intelligence systems more agile with data virtualization By Rick van der Lans

This is excellent opportunity for all customers, prospects and partners to hear from industry expert and analyst Rick van der Lans as he discusses the IT strategy to build agile business intelligence systems and transforming data into competitive advantage using Jboss data virtualization middleware.  This session will provide great insights into leveraging data virtualization technology to improve delivery of business intelligence systems and data warehouse utilization.   Time:   Wednesday, March 19 , 2014 | 15:00 UTC | 11 a.m. (New York) / 4 p.m. (Paris) / 8:30 p.m. (Mumbai) Register:   About  Rick van der Lans, managing director, R20/Consulting Rick is an independent consultant, author, and lecturer specializing in data warehousing, business intelligence, big data, data virtualization, and database technology. He has written the industry's first independent book on data virtualization titled,

Teiid 8.7 Beta2

Teiid 8.7 Beta2 is released today. The features since Beta 1 include TEIID-2863/ TEIID-2761  This issue fixes the previous issues with GSS-API in ODBC transport. This issue also implements a feature where a user can now define a "security-domain" per VDB. User no longer has to depend upon the transport level authentication. TEIID-2870 : Join types that are allowed and pushed to source can be set on the Foreign Key as metadata or allow them to use federated join. TEIID-2826 : revamped build structure for translators and connectors, so that it is easier to package them and deploy them to Teiid server Many other bugs have been fixed. We may be in last couple weeks of development on 8.7 version, so start testing your usecases and let us know any small features we can sneak it in. Once we get to CR1 (which may be next) then there will be no more feature work, we will only work on bug fixes from then on to 8.7 Final (in 3~4 weeks). Thank you. Ramesh..

Teiid Designer 8.4.0 Final Released

Teiid Designer 8.4 Final is now available our update site or download the archive. The primary driver for this release was to upgrade the Teiid client compatibility to include Teiid 8.6 release as well as working a number of bug fixes and a few new features and improvements. Check out our What's New for 8.4 article for details... Barry LaFond Teiid Designer Team

Teiid on OpenShift

Are you looking for solution where Teiid deployed on PaaS solution like OpenShift? Please look at below articles that show two separate examples n OpenShift. 1) Provision Data Virtualization on OpenShift and Connect from Teiid Designer 2) Salesforce as a REST Service using Data Virtualization Please take a test drive, let us know your comments. Thanks Ramesh..