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Integrate Apache Solr search results with enterprise data with Teiid

Apache Solr is a full text search engine built on top of Apache Lucene for indexing and searching any data contents. This is been widely used by many organisations for their searching needs. Typically when a user wants to use Apache Solr, they will configure an instance of Apache Solr or SolrCloud with  relevant indexing fields  and publish all their data/documents that instance to be indexed. Once the documents are indexed, they can use Solr APIs to search the documents and use it for their purposes. This is where I believe Teiid can help ease the uploading of the enterprise data and with integration of search results with other data sources. Starting with Teiid 8.7.Alpha1, Teiid provides translator for Apache Solr. Using this translator, user can  Continually add/update the documents in the search system from other sources automatically. If the search fields are stored in Solr system, this can be used as very low latency data retrieval for serving high traffic applications

Teiid 8.7 Alpha1

After the holiday slowdown we're getting right back into the swing of things with the first 8.7 prerelease .  Feature highlights include initial commits of the following connectivity: TEIID-1070 Amazon SimpleDB support has been contributed by Radim Hopp.  See the Admin and Reference Guides for more. TEIID-2780 Apache SOLR support has been contributed by a collaboration of Mike Walker, Jason Marly, and Ramesh. TEIID-2627 Accumulo support has been added via a new translator/resource adapter. This is a fantastic amount of new connectivity for Teiid - and we're not even to the first beta.  Together with some other features and lots of fixes we're looking forward a strong 8.7 release. Any additional testing of the new sources or just early feedback in general is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve