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Teiid 8.12.1 Released

Teiid 8.12.1 is now available .  It contains all of the 8.11.5 fixes plus a number of odata and hbase fixes.  All fixes since 8.12 include: [ TEIID-3757 ] - OData V2: $top doesn't work with virtual procedures [ TEIID-3760 ] - endswith defined with wrong return type [ TEIID-3761 ] - OData V2: The property based response and Function based responses are incorrect per specification [ TEIID-3762 ] - OData V2: $value on property is not supported [ TEIID-3764 ] - HBase - Phoenix driver does not support UNION [ TEIID-3765 ] - HBase - Phoenix does not support scalar subquery [ TEIID-3767 ] - HBase - Phoenix does not support LIKE ESCAPE [ TEIID-3770 ] - HBase - table's alias (... AS ...) is not "visible" in SELECT caluse in IN predicate [ TEIID-3771 ] - Teiid throws an NPE while executing query with nested subquery IN predicate [ TEIID-3776 ] - Teiid throws NPE if query contains AVG func

Teiid 8.11.5 Released

Teiid 8.11 development has concluded with the release of 8.11.5, which is available from maven and the downloads page .  Important issues addressed in this release include: [ TEIID-3564 ] - float field gets converted to scientific notation when query is submitted to source [ TEIID-3707 ] - Wrong Data returned when a procedure is executed in the SELECT clause [ TEIID-3720 ] - DDLString Visitor not writing the OPTIONS value for Procedure parameters [ TEIID-3726 ] - CTEs combined with constant values yield an error message [ TEIID-3739 ] - Dynamic VDB that imports another VDB does not get redeployed if the imported VDB is redeployed [ TEIID-3756 ] - Order By clause specified in STRING_AGG function is skipped when pushed down to PostgreSQL [ TEIID-3777 ] - ORDER BY DESC is ignored in STRING_AGG function when DISTINCT is also specified [ TEIID-3705 ] - Build issue in security From here we will start providing 8.12.x releases - starting with 8.12.1 in about a week.  If all goe

Teiid 8.12 Final Released, Swagger support added

Keeping up the tradition of time boxed releases, the Teiid team is proud to announce 8.12.0 Final. We have resolved 147 issues (features, enhancements, bugs) in this release. You can downloads at JBoss EAP & Teiid: 8.12/8.11 are based on the JBoss EAP 6.4.Alpha platform. The downloads page contains a consolidated single download file that contains   EAP 6.4 Alpha + Teiid 8.12.0 + Teiid Web-Console.  You also have choice of using Docker image if you choose to at Docker Hub . Please note this is the LAST VERSION of Teiid that will be based on JBoss EAP.  8.13 and 9.0, we will be moving to WildFly . Any micro releases on 8.12 line like 8.12.1, 8.12.2 etc still be using JBoss EAP. Highlights of 8.12 TEIID-3411 LDAP modeling can now better account for associations defined by multivalued attributes. TEIID-3323 Vertica translator added. TEIID-3515 TEIID-3530 Dependent join enhancements in hints and pushdown planning. TEIID-288

Teiid 8.12 CR1

After a small delay, we are pleased to release Teiid 8.12 CR1.  We were able to get quite a few issues resolved - to date there are 134 issues resolved.  As usual CR1 can be found in maven and on the  downloads page . Feature highlights since Beta3 include: TEIID-3712 Date/Time Keyword Literal support was added in the parser. TEIID-3722 Option to not widen comparisons to string was added via the system property org.teiid.widenComparisonToString TEIID-3327 OSIsoft PI translator added for use with the PI JDBC driver. TEIID-3727 Salesforce Translator added a translator and resource-adapter based on Salesforce Partner API 34 Expect a final release in approximately 2 weeks, followed shortly by an 8.11.5 release.  Please let us know if you find any issues as we will address anything critical prior to the final release. Thanks again for all the community support, Steve