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Teiid 8.9 CR2

We are happy and trepidatious about the availability of 8.9 CR2 in the downloads and maven.  This moves us closer to the final, but introduces two important and late changes: The target platform is now EAP 6.3 Alpha.  This platform change better aligns us with more recent product releases and removed the need for applying the RESTEasy patch. We also have a high degree of confidence in the changes as we have already been through this effort for productizing DV 6.1. You may however need to be signed into a account for the EAP 6.3 Alpha download - we are working with the EAP team to get that restriction removed .    The semantics of the pg transport security configuration  have changed . By default the socket configuration has SSL disabled.  If login security is used, then clients will be required to use a secure login - which is currently only GSS.  If SSL is fully enabled, then clients will be required to use SSL. This more closely matches the behavior of the JDBC trans

The 3 big problems with data and how to avoid them

The 3 big problems with data and how to avoid them You’re invited to attend the Beyond Big Data Webinar Series, a set of 5 Red Hat webinars. Read more about the entire series. Webinar 1: The 3 big problems with data—and how to avoid them November 5, 2014, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. No matter what your organization looks like, chances are you're wrestling with at least one of the following data challenges: Data silos that are difficult to access when needed Point-to-point integration that doesn't scale Data sprawl leading to security and compliance risks Join this webinar to learn how to implement a data strategy and architecture to avoid these problems. Speakers: Syed Rasheed, solution marketing manager, Red Hat Syed Rasheed, solution marketing manager at Red Hat, coordinates marketing, evangelism, and consulting activities. In addition to helping customers address integration challenges, he is responsible for working with customers, partners, and industry analysts to ensure

Single sign-on (SSO) with Teiid with Kerberos secured Web Service

With the latest upcoming release of Teiid 8.9, user can achieve single sign-on (SSO) in accessing any REST or SOAP based web services that are secured through kerberos. In the previous installment, I have shown few articles on how to do Kerberos authentication through Teiid/JBoss EAP in consuming a REST web service. In this blog I will showcase few more articles that are designed around SOAP web services. Mostly these articles are written tutorial fashion such that one can easily follow and create and as well as consume the web services in JBoss EAP and Teiid. 1)  How to implement a SOAP Web Service with Kerberos authentication in JBoss EAP 2)  How to implement Kerberos authentication to a SOAP Web Service using Teiid 3)  How to implement kerberos "delegation" based authentication to a SOAP Web Service using Teiid In article (1) shows how to create sample SOAP web-service that can be secured through Kerberos In article (2) shows how to consume web-service

Teiid Platform Sizing Guidelines and Limitations

Users/customers always ask us about the sizing of their Data Virtaulization infrastructure based on Teiid or the JDV product from Redhat. Typically this is very involved question and not a very easy one answer in plain terms. This is due to fact that it involves taking into consideration questions like: What kind of sources that user is working with? Relational, file, CRM, NoSQL etc. How many sources they are trying to integrate? 10, 20, 100? What are the volumes of data they are working with? 10K, 100K, 1M+? What are the query latency times from the sources?  How you are using Teiid to implement the data integration/virtualization solution. What kind of queries that user is executing? Even small federated results may take a lot of server side processing - especially if the plan needs tweaking. Is materializing being used? Is query written in optimal way? and so on.. Each and every one of the question affects the performance profoundly, and if you got mixture of those then

Teiid 8.9 CR1 Posted

After a small delay Teiid 8.9 CR1 has been posted to the maven repository and the downloads: A recap of the feature highlights so far with Teiid 8.9: TEIID-3009 WITH project minimization - common table expressions will have their project columns minimized. TEIID-3038 geoSpatial support for MongoDB translator TEIID-3050 Increased Insert Performance with sources that support batching or insert with iterator. TEIID-3044 Function Metadata is available through system tables and DatabaseMetaData. TEIID-1910 TeiidPlatform for EclipseLink integration is now provided via the teiid-eclipselink-platform jar in maven. TEIID-3119 Performance improvements in grouping and duplicate removal as well as general improvements to memory management. TEIID-3156 Collation aware prevention of order by pushdown via the collationLocale translator property and the org.teiid.requireTeiidCollation system property. In addition Ramesh has be