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Teiid 7.6 Beta1

7.6 Beta1 is now available.  It contains an overhaul of the memory management system, which includes:  A Fixed Memory Buffer - A serialization buffer will be allocated to increase disk through-put.  It is also managed as a second tier cache.  You may optionally configure the size and set it to use off-heap memory - which is especially useful for dealing with larger amounts (typically 32BG+) of memory from the VM.  The memory buffer also allows for better disk usage based upon fixed allocation blocks vs. the old Teiid scheme which used a file per table/tuple buffer. Concurrent LRFU - the main eviction algorithm was further refined to be concurrent and to better handle table work loads. Numerous Performance Improvements - batch size estimation, serialization, and value type resolution were all improved. You may also now configure query timeout defaults at both the server and per-VDB level. Now is a great time to provide feedback on any issues or minor enhancements before it'

Teiid 7.6 Alpha1

7.6 Alpha1 is now available and includes the following notable features since 7.5: Procedure language features - Added support for compound/block statements, BEGIN [[NOT] ATOMIC], loop/block labels, and the leave statement. See the reference for more. File Enhancements - the file translator can now optionally (via the ExceptionIfFileNotFound property) throw an exception if the path refers to a file that doesn't exist. The file resource adapter can be configured to map file names and can prevent parent path .. references. See the Admin Guide or the file-ds.xml template for more. TEXTTABLE Enhancements - TEXTTABLE can now parse fixed width files that do not use a row delimiter and can optionally produce fixed values that haven't been trimmed. Temp table transactions - Internal materialized views and temp table usage from a session and within procedures can take advantage of greater transaction support. Buffering Improvements - Added the ability to