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Teiid 8.10 Beta2

Teiid 8.10 Beta2 is available from the  downloads  and maven.  We've continued to tackle issues and refine the work from Beta1.  We have now addressed over 80 issues and are making significant progress on geospatial support . The 8.10 final is still on track for mid-February.  Now that EAP 6.4 Alpha is available, it will be the target for 8.11 development. Let us know if you experience any issues as there is plenty of time to get them addressed for CR1. Thanks, Steve

Teiid 8.10 Beta1

After the year end slowdown, Teiid 8.10 Beta1 is available from the  downloads  and maven.  Feature highlights since Alpha2 include: TEIID-2384  Geospatial Support  - contributed by Tom Arnold. Adds a geometry type and several functions. See the reference for more. TEIID-2816  Hbase Support  - based upon the Phoenix JDBC Drirver. We expect both of these features to evolve a little more before the final release and documentation is also pending.  Ideally we'll have a blog or two to cover the geospatial topic. We should be back on track to have pre-releases every two weeks, so expect a Beta2 before the end of the month and a final by mid-February.  It has been determined that we'll skip the Wildfly 8 series in favor of aligning with Wildfly 9 for Teiid 9.  So we'll begin that effort sometime after the Wildfly team hits CR1. Steve