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Teiid 7.5 Final Released

We are pleased to announce Teiid 7.5 is now available.  Highlights of 7.5 features: Window function support - Teiid and pushdown support was added for SQL 2003 OLAP window functions. The analytical ranking functions RANK, DENSE_RANK, and ROW_NUMBER were also added. See the reference for more. Additional ANSI support - Teiid and pushdown support was added for SUBSTRING using FROM/FOR syntax, TRIM, EXTRACT, SIMILAR TO, and LIKE_REGEX. See the reference for more. Subquery optimization control - added the DJ hint to indicate that a subquery should be the independent side of a dependent join. MAKEIND Hint - The MAKEIND hint can be used to indicate that the other side of the join should be made dependent. ODBC SSL - added support for SSL encrypted ODBC connections. Reauthentication Statement - SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION can now be used to perform a reauthentication via JDBC or ODBC. Pluggable Authorization - an alternative PolicyDecider can be defined in the

Teiid 7.5 CR1

Adding on more features to 7.5 Beta 2, 7.5 CR1 is released today.  This marks end of new feature work for 7.5. We are planning a quick turn around and releasing 7.5 Final after some testing within next week. If you are using 7.4 or any prior versions of Teiid, we highly encourage you to download this version of Teiid and validate your test cases and submit any bugs through JIRA . We will try to fix any critical and blocker bugs before the 7.5 Final. New features in 7.5 CR1 - LDAP Pagination ( TEIID-1659 ) - Support for 'substring', 'trim', 'extract' functions ( TEIID-1694 ) If you are looking for new features in Teiid, this would a great time to start requesting and discussing them out in community forums, so that we can plan them for either 7.6 release or 8.0 releases. Thank you. The Teiid Team