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Teiid Designer 8.1 Final Released

( download/install ) Key feature for this release is providing the ability to develop and test your VDBs against both Teiid 7.7 and Teiid 8.3 runtimes (JBoss AS 7.1 and AS 5.1 platforms).  This feature allows managing your older VDB artifacts with latest tooling and provides a mechanism to migrate and test your data services on the newer server version. Other features include: New relational object wizards (Table, View, Procedure, Index) Improved synchronization of workspace models with VDB artifacts Multi-source binding support in VDBs ( TEIIDDES-472) (See also TEIID-2253 Multi-source improvements ) New model importer using deployed data source through Teiid runtime ( TEIIDDES-1575 ) For more details, check out What's New !

(Teiid 8.4 + EAP 6.1) Alpha

Teiid has been using JBoss AS 7.1.1 as deployment server for last few versions. We wanted to move to later versions of the JBoss AS, but no JBoss AS community versions released after 7.1.1. Then JBoss EAP came along... Teiid 8.4 Alpha1 is our first attempt to make Teiid deploy using EAP 6.1 Alpha. Even though EAP 6.1 Alpha , has a tag of "Alpha" this is much more stable version of the JBoss AS (7.2.Final). If you are concerned about licensing issues with EAP 6.1 Alpha, please see this thread . The installation is same as before, download the EAP 6.1 Alpha and then Teiid 8.4.Alpha1 and unzip the contents of Teiid archive over the EAP's directory. One notable change you will see is, how Teiid deploys the resource adapters in this new version. Instead of deploying them as RAR files, they are now deployed as the JBoss Modules.  You can still use the RAR file deployment as before,as there is no changes there. Take it for spin and let us know if you find any issu