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Teiid 7.0 MS 1

Just in time for Thanksgiving we're proud to announce Teiid 7.0 M1 is available. This milestone of 7.0 adds support for order by expressions, updatable temp tables, arbitrary quoted identifiers, and h2/hsql translators. Also JDBC DatabaseMetaData and the system tables have been revamped, and there's a host of other fixes. Before rushing off for the download, you should know Teiid 7.0 does not yet have a corresponding Teiid Designer release - it should be available within two weeks. You can of course still use Teiid 7.0 through the dynamic VDB feature. Existing VDBs from older Designer releases may still work with 7.0 - see TEIID-145 and TEIID-871 - for compatibility issues. Also while milestone 1 uses the same directory structure/installation procedure as Teiid 6.2, subsequent milestones will dramatically change the deployment procedure for Teiid. Be sure to vote/comment on remaining issues you want to see addressed in the 7.0 release.