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Teiid Designer 8.3 Beta 1 milestone available

Teiid Designer 8.3 , targeted for release late next month, is focused on bug fixing and improving the integration of the JBoss server and Teiid runtime frameworks. We've released our first milestone, 8.3 Beta1 and it's available from our downloads page via zip archive or update site . Highlights include... Addressed problems re-deploying non-JDBC data sources TEIIDDES-1742 and TEIIDDES-1767   Improved Teiid Configuration tree behavior TEIIDDES-1730 - Add Create Teiid VDB Data Source action to VDB selection TEIIDDES-1835 - Add preview artifact management actions TEIIDDES-1847 - Filter preview artifacts in tree if not tied to current runtime user      TEIIDDES-1814 - Remove Teiid-specific server creation dialog Teiid Designer Team

Teiid 8.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the next iteration of Teiid is available - Teiid 8.5 Final . Feature highlights include: TEIID-2528 Encrypted Buffer Files - the buffer manager now supports an option to encrypt Teiid temp data files using 128-bit AES. TEIID-2249 Dependent Join Enhancements - TEIID-2559 greater control over full depdendent join pushdown has been added including make dep hint options max/join to control the extent of depdendent join pushdown. TEIID-2555 the join hint enables the pushdown the entire dependent join when supported by the source. TEIID-2558 JDBC translator support to dependent join pushdown for a broad set of sources including Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer, Sybase, etc. use the enableDependentJoins translator property. See the Reference for more. TEIID-2527 Configurable Runtime Multisource - the server will now allow multisource models to have sources added and removed at runtime. See the admin addSource and removeSource methods. TEIID-2