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Wildfly based Teiid 8.13 Final Released

Keeping up the tradition of time boxed releases, the Teiid team is proud to announce 8.13.0 Final which is based on Wildfly 9.0.2 We have resolved little over 100 issues (features, enhancements, bugs) in this release. You can download at The major highlights are  Wildfly integration.  Completely re-done build system. Includes all the fixes from maintenance release fixes in 8.12.x series.  Teiid Embedded kit is now removed and examples are enhanced to use maven. There will be no further maintenance releases on 8.12 series. We will start on 8.13 maintenance now. Once again we had great interactions with community in developing this release. We sincerely extend our appreciation all the community folks who helped though out the 8.13 cycle. What's Coming Next: Even lot more. We are moving all the documents from confluence to gitbooks. We are already doing much progress on 9.0 release, expect a Alpha release in next few weeks. We a

Teiid 8.13 CR3 Released

Teiid 8.13 CR3 with  WildFly  9.0.2 has been released. CR3 pulled forward a lot of fixes from 8.12.x (see the 8.12.4 blog entry ) along with new issues since CR2 was released. The final version of 8.13 should be released in approximately a week. If you are considering a migration to Teiid 8.13 / Wildfly, please test things out ahead of the release.  As needed fix releases will follow the final until Teiid 9 is stable. Thanks for all the community support, Steve

Teiid 8.12.4 Released

Teiid 8.12.4 has been  released .  A somewhat large change is that there is now a  new Redshift translator available to account for differences between Redshift and Postgres.  All i ssues addressed: [ TEIID-3874 ] - Invalid source query for subquery referencing a common table [ TEIID-3879 ] - Error during state transfer prevents a node from loading later [ TEIID-3880 ] - Missing dependency in "org.apache.olingo" module [ TEIID-3882 ] - Unable to convert Geometry Collection to GeoJSON [ TEIID-3884 ] - Queries with NextToken failing with NPE [ TEIID-3885 ] - Redshift - conversion to time does not work [ TEIID-3886 ] - Redshift - query ends with error message "Query cancelled on user's request" [ TEIID-3887 ] - Redshift - RS does not support ASCII function [ TEIID-3888 ] - Redshift - there is not function SUBSTR (RS uses SUBSTRING) [ TEIID-3889 ] - asynch start transaction

Teiid 8.13 CR2 with WildFly 9.0.2

The candidate release 2 of Teiid 8.13 with  WildFly  is now released. The target version of WildFly is 9.0.2.Final, which is latest stable release by the WildFly team. You can download it from This version removed the "embedded" and includes various fixes/enhancements that are going on in 8.12.x series. All those issues are forward merged into this release. We can consider CR2 version is pretty close to the final version to be released in a week. If you have not tested your Teiid usecase, test it right away and let us know of any issues you see. Thank you. Ramesh..