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Teiid 7.5 Beta2

7.5 Beta2 is now available with new features and numerous fixes since beta1.  Highlights include: Window function support - Teiid and pushdown support was added for SQL 2003 OLAP window functions. The analytical ranking functions RANK, DENSE_RANK, and ROW_NUMBER were also added. See the reference for more. ODBC Cursors - added the capability to use "UseDeclareFetch" with ODBC. This enables users to read results in batches, which is especially useful when dealing with large row counts. Internal Materialized Views Distributed Refresh - When a internal materialized view is refreshed at one node, an event is issued to all other nodes in the cluster to asynchronously fetch the new contents. Sync at Start - When a node is restarted in a cluster, at end of start cycle Teiid will asynchronously fetch the cached internal materialized view contents from other nodes. As always see the release notes for more. For even more detailed information on these or any pendin