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JCA Container Integration, Why Teiid needs it? Part 4

Reason # 4 JBoss Microcontainer JBoss Microcontainer (MC) is at the core of JBoss AS and provides many essential services needed in developing any enterprise software application. Teiid utilizes MC, through several of its key sub-frameworks, to manage services and configuration/deployment artifacts. Service Framework: Prior releases of Teiid defined their own service framework(s). These legacy frameworks each had essential flaws - such as not being flexible in defining new services, not providing dependency management, or cumbersome/non-existent configuration management. Teiid in the 6.x releases used " google-guice " for dependency management between services with homegrown configuration management. The service lifecycle was explicitly managed through admin api methods. MC provides a POJO based service framework with IOC style dependency injection and full lifecycle management. A simple XML based configuration can your POJO based services along with their state and d