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Teiid Web Console 1.2 Released

A new version of Teiid Web-Console application has been released along with Teiid 8.8 release. You can download the new version at Using the Teiid web console you can manage/monitor and administer various aspects of the Teiid Server. The new version adds feature to enable Audit/Command/trace logging without editing the standalone-teiid.xml file manually. It also has few bug fixes. Ramesh..

Teiid 8.8 Final Released

We are pleased to announce the timely release of Teiid 8.8.  It is now available for download and from the Maven repository.  While we didn't quite make it to 100 issues, this release still has a good set of features and quite a few fixes.  Main features include: TEIID-2647 Translator for Cloudera's Impala data warehouse has been added. See the reference for more. TEIID-2902 More incremental joins where the whole dataset does not need fully sorted or even read. TEIID-2263 More control over MAKE (NOT) DEP hints via syntax that allows for traversing views. See the reference for more. TEIID-2263 Common Table (WITH) planning improvements such that the usage of a WITH clause in a view or inline view no longer inhibits planning as part of the larger query. TEIID-2980 XMLTable Array Support - XMLTABLE may now return arrays for sequence values. TEIID-1675 Updatable LDAP multi-valued attributes - using an array type mapping, LDAP multi-valued attributes can be inserted/

Teiid 8.8 CR1

We are closing in on the 8.8 release with the availability of 8.8 CR1 .   Notable features since Beta2 include: TEIID-3018 System tables for view/procedure defintions - the SYSADMIN Views and StoredProcedures tables can be used to access the defintions of the views/procedures.  We will also be kicking off Teiid 8.9 development shortly.  Expect more OData support in this release along with the usual performance improvements and fixes. Please provide any feedback that you can on CR1 or vote/log issues for 8.9 and thanks again for all of the community support. Steve

Kerberos authentication with Teiid

Teiid supports kerberos authentication over its JDBC and ODBC driver. It is also possible to configure OData access to use kerberos using SPNEGO with little amount of configuration. Recently I wrote few articles while testing the feature, if interested see A practical "how-to" guide to Kerberos authentication with Teiid over JDBC A practical "how-to" guide to implement kerberos authentication with Simple REST Web App A "how to" guide to "delegate" kerberos token to REST based data source in Teiid In article (1) shows how to configure Teiid to participate in Kerberos authentication. In article (2) I showed a example to create simple web-app to configure with SPNEGO to participate in Kerberoes. In article (3) I showed an example, to delegate the logged in user into Teiid, to the REST web-service as passthrough with out extra negotiation.  Thanks Ramesh..