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Teiid 8.12.2 Available

Teiid 8.12.2 is now  available .  Issues addressed since 8.12.1 include: [ TEIID-3795 ] - Order of VARIADIC parameters is not preserved [ TEIID-3799 ] - Insert default expressions not rewritten [ TEIID-3802 ] - HANA translator modifies boolean to tinyint in type conversion [ TEIID-3803 ] - Kerberos with ODBC with MutualAuth fails [ TEIID-3806 ] - Improve null resolving in array literals [ TEIID-3807 ] - quantified comparison results dependent on null ordering [ TEIID-3812 ] - HANA MIN and MAX functions not applicable on boolean [ TEIID-3813 ] - Informix translator - convert function in definition of view is not pushed down [ TEIID-3815 ] - Oracle translator - OFFSET function does not work [ TEIID-3817 ] - HANA FLOOR and CELING functions not applicable to boolean [ TEIID-3818 ] - Issues with ODBC metadata foreign key queries [ TEIID-3819 ] - SimpleDB NullPointerException when inserting null value [ TEIID-3581 ] - Add a system function to return Teiid Server Name [ TEIID

VDB Builder - 0.3 Update Available

VDB Builder Update The Teiid Tooling team has released the next milestone kit for  VDB Builder.   The VDB Builder is a command line tool that allows creating, editing and managing dynamic VDBs and their contents.   It also allows interaction with a teiid instance.   What's New? Please see the anno unc ement on our Teiid Tooling page for a full list of changes since the last milestone .  In this milestone, we have added the ability to connect to a teiid instance.  You can view server artifacts and also deploy vdbs from your VDB Builder w orkspace.  We have also ma de numerous enhancements in other areas.   Try It Out You can start building your VDBs now by downloading the milestone kit from SourceForge ! Documentation and Ex amples Installation   Source Code   Contributions and feedback are welcome! Teiid Tooling Team

Teiid Designer 9.2 Released

Primary drivers for 9.2 include: Compatibility with Teiid 8.11 Runtime New Features Generate VDB Archive and Models from dynamic -vdb.xml file Generate Dynamic -vdb.xml file from VDB archive *.vdb   These 2 new features allow you to manage your vdb's in a simpler format and utilize Teiid Designer's detailed VDB Editor to manage data roles as well as setting various VDB runtime properties (translator overrides, allowed languages).  With 9.2, you can also deploy and test your dynamic VDBs. Converts dynamic -vdb.xml files in your workspace into VDB archives (*.vdb) and models   Converts VDB archives (*.vdb) into dynamic -vdb.xml files   See Working with Dynamic VDBs section in documention For details see: Release Notes What's New Download and Install Teiid Designer Project Team